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Learn How You Can Reverse Supposedly 'Irreversible' Aging & Degeneration

With Natural Remedies and Therapies for Your Eyes, Brain, and All Body Systems...

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Accelerate Self Healing Every Day Without Leaving Home

Heal One Year of Damage In One Month!

How Much is Lost Health Costing You?

Most people struggle to heal fast enough to maintain function from one year to the next.

When you don't keep up with the daily damage to your eyes, brain and body…

  • Vision decreases...

  • Memory & Concentration fail...

  • Even Sleep suffers...

  • Immunity weakens...

  • Circulation slows...

  • Energy drops...

Maintaining peak health and performance should be easy and it should fit into your daily lifestyle. Most people don’t even know how to activate their healthy genes. Instead, they may seek solutions from local specialists that just offer them more suppressive drugs. Learn how you can Accelerate Self Healing™ and you’ll finally get your health sovereignty back...

Accelerate Self Healing™ & Reclaim Your Future Health

Synthetic pharmaceuticals 'manage symptoms' but actually make you sicker...

Your body is designed to heal itself with materials, energies, and stimuli from nature.

We've learned how to listen to your body's needs, so you can get your life back!

The Right Information In Your Body Field Turns On Your Genes of Health

Your voice scan shows what you need. Infoceutical drops in your morning water supply the solution.

Voice frequency biofeedback also releases you from damage you carry from your past...

Every Cell Needs Energy to Survive, Function, Regenerate, Cleanse, & Thrive

Energy is the next key to healing. Frequencies are quantized energy. Healing tools like microcurrent, PEMF, and soft laser supply the impetus for Accelerated Self Healing™. Healing water is also essential to the cellular terrain.

Biofield Coherence Reveals Your Perfect Remedy Matches!

Our minds only handle 120 bits of data per second. Your biofield processes a million times that... We use multiple systems to communicate (locally, remotely, and non-locally) with that innate intelligence. That's how you can best guide your own healing process. Our systems simply interpret for you...

How to Get Started:

Step 1: Watch the Class

Americans pay more for worse health because drugs and surgery don't heal. Learn how you can accelerate your body's innate healing processes with natural therapies.

Step 2: Enroll Online...

Complete our easy online form to put your details into our clinical database. Then we can provide the specific guidance you'll need to solve your unique health challenges.

Step 3: Let's Talk!

Schedule a time for your complementary initial consultation, so we can get to know each other and discover the most efficient solutions to meet your needs and budget..

Health Challenges Can Be Intimidating

Because Everyone Has A Different Opinion.

So How Do You Know You're Making The Right Choice?

Like life itself, suffering and healing are not merely material processes.

In fact, it is the immortal spirit body which governs over every aspect of life.

The spirit serves the function of consciousness, which we must use to navigate our challenges and seek solutions.

We believe that nature provides the medicines our bodies are designed to respond to, and that has been our experience over the last 40 years developing this work.

The healing process of facing challenges in our physical bio-body suits is also a significant aspect of our spiritual growth and development.

When we seek pathways of avoidance and suppression, we may miss the spiritual realizations possible in the curriculum set before us...

Difficulties can certainly bring humility, and can awaken our compassion for the suffering of others.

Success in self healing also restores the strength of our sense of spiritual sovereignty, and our growth in essential virtues like fortitude illumines the future again with a renewed light of hope.

At the same time, we understand the deep challenges and frustrations of seeking a truly healing path in a world dominated by chemical drugs and rigid beliefs in materialist dogmas.

You can sometimes feel all alone... adrift on a strange planet.

Our mission is to provide you with a map, a compass, and the companionship of a master navigator to help you through the darkest of storms ahead, as well as to share the glory of the sunrises that follow.

You see, when I was still a student doctor, I learned that I would be blind in my 40s if I followed the path of drug and surgical treatment for glaucoma.

In my personal search for answers and healing for the deeper causes of my condition, I then learned that if I hadn't followed that road less travelled, I would have died in my 30's from an underlying Mercury poisoning.

What I learned in understanding and healing my own health challenges I have been able to offer to help tens of thousands of others since then.

That's why I don't want anyone to feel all alone, frustrated without guidance, uncertain of what to do next in their healing journey.

Join me as I lay out the steps you can take right now to make the biggest impact on your future health.

And join me to learn new perspectives and paradigms that will give great meaning and power to your journey ahead.

You want to know what you need to do to take back control of your life and your health.

You need a simple way to navigate the challenges that arise with certainty and precision.

And you need simple tools that bring profound results.

The problem is that everyone has a different opinion of what you should do.

That's why we rely on what your body says.

Here's how to proceed:

First, after you watch the free class, schedule a time to talk, so we can get to know who you are, what challenges you are facing, and what resources you bring to bear.

That way we can offer our suggestions of what paths offer you the most leverage in your situation.

Think of it like a free consultation as well as a meet and greet.

Then you'll be prepared to choose your plan of how best to start.

Finally, watch your health begin to blossom.

And we'll be here to support you every step of the way, at whatever level you need and choose.

And regardless of whether you are ready to proceed with us, the free class will help you...

So, press the button, and let us know where to send your access.

Proven Results...

With Accelerated Self Healing™

Decreased Macular Edema in 3 Months...

What Doctors Are Saying...

E.g., Reversing Irreversible Blindness...

The Harvard-trained Retinologist who followed our first case of reversing blindness from Wet Macular Degeneration 3 decades ago noted that he had never seen or heard of this kind of healing, restoring functional vision, dissolving drusen and clearing scar tissue.

  • Macular Degeneration

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts

What Participants Are Saying...

Even Animals Respond...

In fact, they usually heal faster than we do.

The power of the placebo and nocebo effects shows that intention, consciousness and the spirit are potent factors in the process of health and disease. Our approach to healing includes feeding the immortal spirit body, and guiding the healing power of the mind.

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Horses

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